Country Profile: Mozambique

The database hosted on generates a country profile for all 196 UN member states and the European Union that identifies the legal obligations and political commitments made by each country related to the integration of human rights considerations in climate action, relevant information that the country has included in past national reports to UN climate and human rights bodies, and/or recommendations that these bodies have made to the state.

All UN members have existing human rights obligations in the context of climate change, and the vast majority of governments have already called for a better integration of human rights in climate responses, highlighted barriers for implementation or good practices, and/or received specific guidance from specialised UN institutions.

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(This profile was last updated on 20th October 2017)

Country Profile Overview: Mozambique

Ratification of Human Rights-related Instruments relevant in the context of climate change

…ratified the following human rights instruments with relevance in the context of climate:

  • International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights
  • Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women and the CEDAW optional protocol
  • Convention on the Rights of the Child
  • International Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination
  • Convention on the Rights of Migrant Workers
  • Convention Against Torture and the CAT optional protocol
  • Convention on the rights of persons with disabilities and the CRPD optional protocol
  • African Charter of Human and Peoples Rights

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Positions in the procedures of the UN Human Rights Council

…sponsored the following Human Rights Council’s resolution(s) on Human Rights and Climate Change:

  • HRC Resolution 10/4 (2009)
  • HRC resolution 26/27 (2014)
  • HRC resolution 29/11 (2015)

UPR Universal Periodic Review (see Part 2 of the country profile for any reference mentioned in this section);

… will participate to the UPR in Jan-Feb 2021 , with a deadline for submission of information by civil society on 18.06.2020

Climate change as an issue raised during the review of the country by UN Human Rights institutions (see Part 2 of the country profile for any reference mentioned in this section):

Committee on Migrant Workers (CMW)

… will be review by the Committee in 03.09.2018

Obligations, statements and reports in the context of UN Climate Negotiations

… emphasized the following principle(s) in its Nationally Determined Contributions submitted under the Paris Agreement: public participation in the implementation of the NDC, food security,

… mentioned human rights in written submission to the UNFCCC in relation to the following issues:   the relevance of human rights in the context of results-based finance (2012) the respect of human rights in relation to domestic climate policies (2013) the need for capacity building to support countries in implementing human rights-based actions (2016) the need for carbon trading to respect human rights (2017).

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