Safeguards and Accountability



Submission to the UNDP re: Accountability Mechanism (CIEL, et al., Jun 2012)

Submission to the UNDP re: Compliance Review and Grievance Processes (CIEL, Earthjustice et al.,18 Jun 2012)

Submission to the CDM re: Proposed Appeals Procedure (CDM Watch et al., 22 Apr 2010)

Briefing Papers

Social and Environmental Accountability of Climate Finance Instruments (Carbon Market Watch, Sep 2015)

Grievance Mechanisms in the UNFCCC (CIEL, ClientEarth and Earthjustice, 2 Dec 2011)


Johl and Lador, “A Human Rights-Based Approach to Climate Finance,” Friedrich Ebert Stiftung (Feb. 2012) (also available in Spanish)

“A Complaint Mechanism for REDD+,” Center for International Environmental Law and Rainforest Foundation Norway (May 2011)