Integrating Human Rights into the Paris Commitments – (I)NDCs

Prior to the Paris Climate Conference, all governments were asked to put forward their national climate commitment as a contribution to the new global climate agreement. These Intended Nationally Determined Contributions (INDCs) highlight the policy objectives for each country through 2025 or 2030 in relation to the reduction of emissions of greenhouse as well as, for most countries, adaptation actions.

The preparation of these contributions provided an opportunity for governments to focus not only on the general objectives set for their mitigation and adaptation policies but also on fundamental principles that shall guide the implementation of climate policies.

Members of the Human Rights and Climate Change Working Group worked with individual governments to promote the inclusion of references to human rights and other guiding principles in the INDCs before the Paris Conference.

In total, 24 countries mentioned human rights in their INDCs, with 17 countries insisting on the importance of integrating human rights in climate actions. Seven additional countries mentioned human rights when describing their domestic legal framework. In addition, many INDCs also refer to other specific aspects of rights-based policies, such as the need to guarantee food security, the importance of gender equality and the participation of women, and the need to ensure public participation in climate policies.

17 Countries referring to human rights as a principle guiding the implementation of their INDC 7 Countries referring to human rights when describing the domestic context
Bolivia, Brazil, Chad, Chile, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Georgia, Guatemala, Guyana, Honduras, Malawi, Marshall Islands, Mexico, Morocco, Philippines, South Sudan, Uganda Cuba, El Salvador, Indonesia, Nepal, Venezuela, Yemen, Zimbabwe



When ratifying the Paris Agreement, governments have the opportunity to update their INDC before it becomes a Nationally Determined Contribution (NDCs). Members of the Human Rights and Climate Change Working Group continue to work with countries to seek additional references to rights in updated versions of the NDCs. We also work with some of the governments that have already included such references to support rights-based implementation of their climate commitments.